The hut is nearing completion!

After a busy couple of months we are reaching the final stages of development. The cleaning team will be descending to tidy up and add all of those finishing touches. We are really pleased with how the development has taken shape; all the furniture is handmade to...

Building works are well under way!

Buildings works for the hut are now well under way. Although the main hut has been in place for over 10 years, Rorie and Max are adding an en-suite bathroom onto the rear of the building as the hut gets an upgrade from perfect BBQ spot to comfortable woodland...

Lambs, lambs and more lambs.

Our ewes have had lots of lambs this year , including the sextuplet from last year that had five this year. We are hand rearing about 50 lambs with the occasional help of our visitors. Our Lavender Pekin chickens now have 7...

Lambing finished – now open for B&B

Lambing is over as the last sheep lambed today. She had two healthy lambs. Proud parents of Lavender Pekin chicks that hatched yesterday. They look like little balls of fluff, a little camera shy at present.


This ewe made the news at lambing last spring by giving birth to six healthy lambs. She has been scanned this year to give birth to five or possibly six lambs again.