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Lambs, lambs and more lambs.

Maddy with standing lambOur ewes have had lots of lambs this year , including the sextuplet from last year that had five this year.Maddy with Lavender Pekin We are hand rearing about 50 lambs with the occasional help of our visitors. Our Lavender Pekin chickens now have 7 chicks


Sextuplets webThis ewe made the news at lambing last spring by giving birth to six healthy lambs. She has been scanned this year to give birth to five or possibly six lambs again.

Seven Mile Walk

R&R at MarquisRachael, Rorie and friends did a wonderful circular seven mile walk from the Marquis of Lorne pub up over the ancient hill fort on Eggardon Hill, down over Barrowlands and Wytherston farms. Superb pub lunch at the end. This circular walk can also be started from Colesmoor adding a mile to the walk.